Pirate Bay trial wraps up

PirateI have beenĀ  monitoring diligently the current Pirate Bay trial being held in Sweden against co-founder Peter Sunde and four others. I found the trial highly amusing given by the apparent lack of knowledge of the prosecutors on how bittorrent technology really works and what Pirate Bay’s participation in all of this really is. Aside from that, they have asked for $13 million in compensation for purported revenue loss which nobody clearly knows how they got to that amount.

The defendants throughout the trial maintained that Pirate Bay is a mere search engine and a repository of user uploaded content. Which is very true. They are no different than Google. When you do a torrent search in Google, it acts almost the same, giving you links to torrents. No copyrighted content exists on their servers because what users’ actually upload are torrent files which users made themselves.

The verdict is due on April 17th and I’m anticipating it because this sets a precedent. In the end, it is for the swedish courts to decide on the future of Pirate Bay, but I’m really a little bit scared on what the impact this will bring to the Internet and its users.