History of the Intertubes…err Internet


So last week was a brief introduction to the the history of the internet. Having worked in web development almost all of my professional life, you kinda tend to take for granted the different technologies that you work with. You put the files in the … [Continue reading]

Create Custom Genesis Page

If you are just wanting to modify the actual content. <?php /* Template Name: Custom Template * */ ?> <?php remove_action( 'genesis_post_content', 'genesis_do_post_content' ); // Remove genesis content function ?> <?php … [Continue reading]

Thoughts on Business Modeling


After our lecture on Business Models, here are a few thoughts that I have: Business Modeling is basically constructing a "pattern" as part of your business strategy. Some models provide similar patterns or building blocks and some are improvements … [Continue reading]

Business Modeling


Here you will see an exercise on Business Modeling particularly using the Business Model Canvas initially proposed by Alexander Osterwalder. The first model is a bit different from most models in a sense that the subject is the department I … [Continue reading]

Router Basics


So, as part of the MIST 7500 course I am currently taking, we listened to a very interesting podcast talking about routers and how this special computing device allowed for the Internet to be what it is today. Basically what I took from the … [Continue reading]

Rising from the dead…

The undead

Like a phoenix rising from its own ashes, or maybe more like a corpse walking the streets again as a zombie, this blog is given new life. A lot has happened since my last post here about 3 years ago and one of these is I've finally decided to … [Continue reading]

Programmer Comic Strips


So funny, I just had to post it. Click below for more: XKCD … [Continue reading]

OpenFire and Webhuddle


Just tested out some open source applications that will help me be able to work remotely effectively. I used one of the Linux boxes we have here in the office to host the applications. OpenFire OpenFire is an open source IM server written in … [Continue reading]

Pirate Bay Trial:Guilty

And so the the verdict on Pirate Bay case was handed down by the Swedish courts and they were found to be guilty of 'assisting in making copyright content available'. All 4 defendants were to be jailed for a year and pay $905,000. At this point … [Continue reading]

Airline Travel Tools


It's that time of the year again for us to buy tickets for our trip back home to visit Manila. Its especially stressful because there is so much variation on what you would pay and what service you would get based on the time and the method you use … [Continue reading]