Embarking on the road less traveled

About Face 3As promised to myself (haha), I will try to further my knowledge on web usability as this an important cornerstone of application development especially with  apps that require a lot of user interaction.

Usability is so important the the US government has deemed appropriate to set up the site usability.gov as their primary source of information on user centric design. I have started perusing the resources on this site particularly the Guidelines on Research Based Design & Usability.

Also, I’ve started on an Alan Cooper book, About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design. I’m not yet too far on the book and I will post more on the material once I get to finish it.

Down the road, I will probably push my manager to consider sponsoring me for a Human Factors International (HFI) series of seminars. Based on what I’ve read and heard, they are the premier training provider for software usability employing usability professionals and human behavior specialists. I’m also considering gunning for a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) certification.

Whew, after reading all that, it seems like a lot of stuff to do. I think I will pace myself on all of this but will remain focused. I’m hoping to post updates in this category as I go along.