MIST 7500: User Experience Strategy – Executive Summary 2

For our company to thrive and remain in the cutting edge of technology we need to be futurists. The reality though is, the future is unpredictable. So how do we help ourselves with so much uncertainty going around? This is where formulating a strategy comes in.

You’re probably thinking, but we have already spent countless hours and resources on a business strategy, a marketing strategy, our product strategy, etc.

In today’s ever so connected world with the Internet, mobile devices, and social networks, where Twitter can start a revolution and websites can help topple governments, the user of services have never had so much influence as they have now. This is another aspect of our business on which we should build a strategy upon, our end-users.

What did Apple do that they can sell premium products when there are much cheaper alternatives with the same hardware specifications? The main argument you would hear from users is, “I just want something that works and this does”. I believe this is because of iOS, where they sand boxed app development and tried to make sure that all the apps they publish will go through a rigorous process to reduce bugs. iOS apps also needs to use the same elements that Apple has provided to provide a sort of uniformity in the interface. This is part of their strategy to improve user experience. A UX strategy.

In order for us to properly formulate our own UX strategy, we need to start with our current situation. What are our challenges? How good is our value proposition? What is our goal as far as our relationship with our users is concerned?

Next, we need to revisit the company’s mission and goals. We will need to tie together all our products and services to give our users an “experience” that is exceptional. Our goal is to have them come back and try out our other products and services, including those that we are planning to launch in the future.

Then we will need to plan what kind of development and enhancements we need for our products. We need a road map for success which is focused on the users. We need to prioritize certain elements that will increase customer satisfaction.

Lastly, we should have benchmarks and key performance indicators. Have we improved the ‘user experience’? We need a plan to validate what we did and how it impacted our company.

The key here is we want to secure our future, and our future needs to meet the needs of our customers. Our UX strategy will mold the company in the coming years and this is something that we will need to spend time discussing, developing and implementing to assure our success.

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