First Semester: Things Learned

As my first semester in the UGA MIT program comes to a close, I realize how my studies are helping me out tremendously in my career.

In my two classes, Internet Technology and Database Management, I have learned the following:

I have improved my understanding of OOP concepts. Being a procedural programmer for quite awhile, OOP has kinda been bit difficult for me to grasp. The concepts of classes, inheritance, polymorphism, etc. seemed like a mountain when I tried learning it a few years ago. During our review of Java, I started to slowly understand the concepts behind OOP. I’m very much looking forward to the advanced classes on Java.

I now have an idea of business modeling. Using the BM canvas and tools such as Archimate, those helped me a lot in figuring out how people think when they run or start a business.

I learned data modeling. I have been working with SQL for a few years now and the practice of data modeling really helped me further my knowledge. This is especially useful as well when I am starting a new web application as I can now design and build the database by myself.

Data visualization was quite interesting as well. Working for a department that deals with tons of data, I was able to put into practice a lot of techniques we learned in class.

All in all, I was quite pleased with what I learned so far. It is a lot of work added on to my usual responsibilities but I have been enjoying it too much to really notice.

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