Random Thoughts 03-18-09

ThoughtsI have been very busy these past few days trying to get ready the web modules I’ve been working on for the internal testing slated for next week, so here are some random thoughts:

Saw this relatively new TV service from AT&T called U-verse and I got very interested on it. It features a bunch of other channels we couldn’t get from our current cable provider and something that they call Total Home DVR which basically allows you to record on just one DVR box and have the data accessible on any other U-verse enabled TV in your home. I believe they use fiber optic technology so the availability as of the moment is very limited. Here’s one guy’s review on the whole installation process. I will be looking at this and on the Verizon FIOS services in the future.

Been watching a lot of Bleach lately instead of the usual Naruto. So I have a lot of Naruto episodes waiting and I will have that pile up for a while so I can take full advantage of my free trial on Crunchyroll.

The pH on my nano-reef has been low at 7.6. I’m not sure when this started because I just noticed it when Tin and I calibrated the pH meter yesterday. I began dosing DT’s 3-part to see if it helps so I need to monitor that in the next few days.

There are some decisions to make in the next few weeks so I’m praying everything turns out well…

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